Angelina Jolie Tattoo Meanings and Pics of All Her Tattoos

While some celebrities get tattoos just because they like how they look, Angelina Jolie has amassed an impressive collection of tattoos, all of which mean something important in her life. And even the Angelina Jolie tattoos that may seem foreboding – like her covered up Chinese “death” tattoo and the Latin quote on her hip that reads, “What nourishes me, destroys me” – don’t represent anything dark, like most people think they do. “Usually all my tattoos came at good times,” Angelina has said about her numerous body tattoos. “A tattoo is something permanent when you’ve made a self-discovery, or something you’ve come to a conclusion about.” Angelina Jolie has tattoos on her leg, shoulder, back, arm and hip – some of which are still there and some of which have already been covered up – and she doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Check out all Angelina Jolies tattoos and see for yourself what kind of self-discoveries the 37-year-old actress has made!

How Many Tattoos Does Angelina Jolie Have? A lot.

Back Tattoos

You can find some of Angelina Jolie’s largest and most significant tattoos on her back, including a pretty enormous Bengal tiger, a tribute to her favorite band (Clash), and some old-school tribal ink. Although there were a few other tats on Angelina’s back in the past, those have gone the way of many celebrity tattoos – covered up by newer and more meaningful back tattoos. Angelina Jolies tattoos on her back and the rest of her body are a sort of a “diary” for the actress, representing important times and important people in her life that she wishes to commemorate in permanent body markings. Angelina has quite a few back tattoos already, so the question is: Will there be more Angelina Jolie back tattoos in the future? We sure hope so!

Leg Tattoos

Even though Angelina Jolie promised herself that she would never be “stupid enough” to get another man’s name inked on her body after having her “Billy Bob” arm tattoo removed, the sultry star seems to have gotten around that with her thigh tattoo. Back in 2010, pictures of Angelina posing for Vanity Fair showed a new tattoo on her right thigh that says, “Whiskey Bravo,” which certainly had people wondering what the thigh tattoo meaning could be. Rumor has it, Angelina Jolie’s leg tattoo is a tribute to future-husband, Brad Pitt, who’s first and middle names are actually William Bradley – W.B. – or “Whiskey Bravo,” according to the military phonetic alphabet.

Arm Tattoos

Angelina Jolie has got some killer arms, and they are only accentuated by all the tats she has accumulated over the years. Angelina Jolie’s arm tattoos are some of her most personal, reminding her of family, strength, and what’s important to her, and it’s pretty impressive that she’s found a way to make them all a permanent part of her life. Although some of the actress’ arm tattoos have been nixed in favor of new ink, including some unfortunate Billy Bob-era tattoos, we think Angelina Jolie’s arm tattoos that she has today are pretty rad. If you’re a fan of Angelina Jolies tattoos, you’re sure to love her arm tats, so check them out here!

Hip Tattoos

Even though they’re not always on display for the public like her other tattoos Angelina Jolie has a few tats inked on her hip and stomach that seem to mean a lot to the actress. Angelina Jolies hip tattoos include a large black cross – one of her most prominent tattoos – and a Latin quote, as well as a possible hidden tat featuring energy waves. Angelina has said in the past that her tattoo meanings typically reflect important self-discoveries that she has made, or conclusions she has come to in her life. Although many of Angelina Jolies tattoos seem to have been inked by trial and error, the tats on the star’s hip have stood the test of time!

Shoulder Tattoos

Angelina Jolies shoulder tattoos are probably the most famous and meaningful tats the Hollywood star sports on her body. Adopting and giving birth to her six children with Brad Pitt was obviously a huge part of her life, and two of Angelina Jolie’s shoulder tattoos speak to this personal endeavor. The geographical coordinates tattoo on Angelina’s left shoulder is one of her most unique pieces of ink, as is the Buddhist incantation inked on her left shoulder blade. The coordinates shoulder tattoo marks the latitude and longitude of each of her six kids’ birthplaces, and the Buddhist incantation inked in the native Cambodian language, called Khmer, is a prayer meant to protect herself and her eldest son Maddox, who was adopted from Cambodia. Take a look at Angelina Jolies shoulder tattoos (and the tattoos they covered up) and see for yourself how distinctive and personal they are!